The Work.

Hunting down mill waste.
Rounding up shells.
Dropping stones. Splashing water.
Splashing ink.
Stripping bark. Carving through snow.
Clamouring through bush. Watching ferns grow.
Hammering flat. Chiselling hard.
Picking up bricks. Laying down words.
Laying quite still.
Wading in streams. Building with sticks. Lining with cones.
Opening a shutter. Closing it down.
Gathering feathers. Returning them back.
Pouring wet stone. Shaping it square. Sharpening a knife.
Looking for light. Looking for dark.
Walking in circles. Hiking up hills. Tumbling down.
Waiting for fog. Seeing the moon. Thinking of ice. Sitting with moss.
Sawing big wood. Touching new cloud.
Walking a tideline. Racing a tide.
Sculpting a wound. Sculpting a song.
Speaking with birds.
Standing in rain. Draining in heat. Resting in dew.
Searching for deadfall.
Wandering long.
Paddling with starfish.
Wondering on.

Exhibitions & recognitions include:
Local galleries (solo & group shows); Salt Spring National Art Prize Finalist; The IPA International
Photography Awards; Photographer’s Forum Awards; Prix de la Photographie Paris International Awards.