We are Icarus

No, we didn’t fly too close
Worse, we brought it closer
Like Icarus, with complacency and hubris
We bring the sun closer
At dusk over wine we may chat about renewables
but without fail we clap our hands
to shoo away
the bothersome, cawing crows
sitting in nearby trees
talking about
what befell their friends and
their family
as they flew about a clear blue sky.

Storm’s a Comin’

A wind so fierce that rock blows through timber.
A flash so bright it’s heard for miles, leaving nothing but cracked, jagged shards poking the sky.
Ancients must have knelt in reverence witnessing such force and power.
They must have bowed and, being wise, understood their place in it all,
that they were but a small part of something precious.
We moderns, being moderns and not prone to wisdom, don’t kneel, revere, or fear.
With some industrious gadgetry we will simply carry on, safe and comfortable in our
belief that being above it all no such end could possibly be at hand. Perhaps.
But for sure a reckonin’s a comin’.

A Crow Came to Die

This morning
a crow came to die
and share with us
the dusk of his beauty

“The enterprise and skill with which animals make their nests is so efficient that it is not possible to do better, so entirely do they surpass all masons, carpenters and builders.”

Ambroise Paré

Invasive Species

There was a time of bounty.
Then came the revolutionary twins, science and industry,
with their methods for salvation and eternity.
All could be understood, controlled, improved; for us at least.
We exploded – like Fibonacci’s rabbits.
Decimation followed in our spiraling wake.
And now, well, why forge new behaviours when you have the twins.
Stay the course, a solution will surely be induced by purchase and tweak.
There may be lamentations of course, some guilt even.
After all, if only we’d done one more study, just to be absolutely certain.
But we’ll be prideful that we recorded, taxonomized,
catalogued and archived so future generations can
scroll through nature’s bounty.